rome 500 experience

Romantic night tours!

Wait for dusk and the lights of Rome to come on and jump into one of our vintage Fiat 500s: you will discover Rome’s most amazing places and hear the stories and legends of the Eternal City by night! 

- Drive a vintage Fiat 500 along the streets of Rome at dusk 
- Discover the charm Rome by night on board one of our colourful Fiat 500s 
- Feel the magic of the fabulous 60s, be the star and enjoy your "Roman Holiday" 
- Rome at night shines with a different kind of light: come and enjoy it! Shine bright with the lights of your Fiat 500!  
Raise with your Valentine your good-luck lantern in the skies of Rome! 
- Enjoy a wine tasting at our wine bar with your partner
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