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Why visit Rome aboard a FIAT 500 Vintage?

Because the FIAT 500 Vintage is one of the sexiest cars in the world ! Driving a vintage FIAT 500 is surely one of the 5 coolest things to do in Rome. When in Rome…….. do as the Romans – don’t miss this experience, you’re sure to regret it!

What is the secret of the FIAT 500 Vintage?

The secret is that this car is a miracle of technical innovation, esthetics, coolness and efficiency. You can decide to drive or even own a FIAT 500 Vintage because it is a great car to get around town, it’s easy to park, cool to show off, cheap in fuel consumption or all of the above.

Who owns a vintage FIAT 500?

More than 3 million of these diddy cars were produced between 1957 and 1975 and this was the car that brought motoring to the Italian masses. A number of rock stars and other famous people own a Fiat 500 Vintage : ask Tina Turner, Michael Schumacher or Jaime Winston!

Can anybody drive one of our FIAT 500 Classica?

Unfortunately not, the driver has to be used to driving a MANUAL car, occasional driving experience with manual cars in not enough to handle our vintage cars; the Company reserves the right to refuse to let the car in case the driver is not sufficiently expert to drive a manual car and there will be no refund . The driver must have held his/her driving license for at least 1 year.

How do I book a tour?

This is very straight forward : go to the bookings section of our website to reserve your tour or to rent your FIAT 500 Vintage.

How many people per car?

3 adults and 1 child per car or 2 adults and 2 children (age above 3 years).

How much does it cost to rent a FIAT 500 Vintage with Rome 500 Exp?

Prices vary according to the different services. You can opt for a guided convoy tour of Rome or you may prefer to rent the car and drive it freely. For detail of our prices please visit the "services" section of our website.

What documents do I need to drive a vintage FIAT 500?

You need to show us your driving license and your credit card. The driver must have a license valid for driving in Italy or an International Driving Permit You must have held your license for at least 1 year.
When signing the contract at our office, we will take a provisional authorization to charge you € 800.00 to cover possible damage to the car. The provisional authorization will be cancelled at the end of the service after inspection of the car.

Can we switch drivers?

No. The insurance covers only the driver named in the contract.

Can kids come on board in a convoy tour?

Yes, but please be aware that there are no safety belts for the back seats and no children ‘s seats.

Can I drive anywhere in Rome?

No, there are areas in the town centre and in other zones (Trastevere, San Lorenzo) where only residents (not our cars) have access. These areas are called ZTL (Zona a Traffico Limitato) and signposts are positioned at the entrance of the streets with the message “VARCO ATTIVO” meaning you MUST NOT enter the area.

What happens if I enter a restricted ZTL area when the “VARCO ATTIVO” message active?

When the signposts identifying the ZTL areas indicate ‘’VARCO ATTIVO’’, you must not enter the area. The penalty for doing so is a fine of (approximately) € 150.00 and this will be charged to your credit card accordingly.

What happens if I am fined?

In the unlikely event that you have not complied with traffic regulations and have received a fine, we will inform you by email and send you the original document from the Rome municipality and charge your credit card accordingly. Traffic fines may take up to 2 or 3 months to be delivered to us and you will be charged with this delay. We apologize for that.

What does the insurance cover?

Our insurance complies with Italian legislation for rental vehicles.
The insurance covers third party liability, eg. personal injury and material damage caused by the vehicle to third parties. This guarantee covers all the passengers in the vehicle.

What is not insured?

Damage to the car during driving or parking or damage caused by the driver to stationery objects or to the car – eg. by driving into buildings, traffic signals, etc .
  • Theft of the FIAT 500 Vintage;
  • Total or partial fire damage caused to our rental vehicle;
  • Theft of customer's personal belongings;

Please bear in mind that we have no excess insurance, this means that in the unlikely event of an accident, your credit card will be charged with a sum up to € 800.00

If you wish to acquire extra insurance against damage to stationary objects, damage to the rental vehicle and fire and theft of the car, we can offer you an additional kasko insurance at the cost of € 35.00 per day covering the above risks. There is an excess charge of the first €350.00 in damages which will be charged to your credit card.
There are no belts in the rear seats and no air bags.

What kind of rentals do you offer?

Our rentals are indicated in our web page.
If you wish to enjoy a customized tour or a ‘family and friends only tour’ or you have other specific requirements, please do contact us at, we will be happy to offer you alternative itineraries and packages.

How do I reach your office and vehicles?

Chauffeured tours: Getting to our office is incredibly easy, we are located only 200 metres from the  Colosseum, you cannot miss us! Please look at the map on our contact page
We could also arrange to pick you up at your hotel/flat if your place is located external to the city centre limited traffic area ZTL, Please contact us.
Meeting point for  self-drive in convoy tours: Piazza del Pigneto 9, in front of the florist stand

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes. You can cancel your reservation without incurring any charge at anytime up to 30 days before the service is due. Should you cancel your reservation less than 30 days before the rental or should you not show up, the full amount of the agreed rental price will be charged to your credit card.
Changes to your reservation can be made by emailing us at

Terms and Conditions


  • The rental of a FIAT 500 Vintage, seats for 2 adults and 2 children for the service agreed (guided convoy tour, free drive or other service agreed).
  • Pick-up and return of the vehicle at our garage;
  • Taxes;
  • Car insurance, including the driver and passengers;
  • Break-down recovery with our insurance service. If you happen to breakdown on one of our tours, we will either put you in another car or get you back to our office asap using an alternative car or method;
  • One tank of fuel.


  • Parking charges
  • Fines;
  • Customized services;
  • Anything else not specified under "Rates Include";

The Public Liability Insurance does NOT provide coverage in case of:
  • Damages you could cause to the FIAT 500 Vintage;
  • Theft of the FIAT 500 Vintage car;
  • Total or partial, fire damage caused to our rented vehicle;
  • Theft of customer's personal belongings;
  • Please bear in mind that we have no excess insurance, this means that in the unlikely event of accident you are expected to pay the sum up to €800.00.

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