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self-drive convoy tour to Bracciano

Enjoy one of the Top 10 fun things to do in Rome!

Enjoy a self drive in convoy tour to Lake Bracciano, at less than 30Km from Rome. Slow down, relax and enjoy a slow journey towards the winging roads of the Roman countryside. Hear the singing of the crickets, smell the freshly-cut hay drifting in through the open roof top of your Vintage FIAT 500.

You will soon arrive to Bracciano village, where you will walk in the narrow medieval alleys and take pictures of drying clothes hunging off from the flowered balconies windows. You will be enchanted by the view of the lake from the terrace of Bracciano and will be overwhelmed by the smell of the countryside, the blue colours of the water and the sky and the green of the hills, the whites of the random clouds and the mild hug of the wind coming from the nearby sea shore.

Then you will go to the the lake shore and, after a refreshing swim in the clean and fresh waters of the lake, will will love sipping an Italian aperitif. Our preferred restaurant, Alfredo’s, it is a short walking distance and you will love its tasty pasta and fish dishes, not to mention the generous Italian wines. The tour will continue and your FIAT 500 will run all along the lake till reaching the fishermen’s village of Trevignanowhere you will have another opportunity for fabulous pictures in this typical Italian village.

Do you like Italian ice-creams? Well, we will show you where to enjoy one of the best artisanal ice-cream of the area and a hot expresso.  By driving one of our Vintage FIAT 500 cars to Lake Bracciano, you will surely you will have lived a special day in your vacation, a real journey in pure Italian flavour. 

By ROME 500 EXP, the only FIAT 500 rental company in Rome! In January 2014 Lonely Planet has classed our tours as Top 10 Classic Car Rides in the world!

Not just tourist but EXP travellers,,,

 By ROME 500 EXP, the only FIAT 500 rental company in Rome!

Dates and times:

- 7 hours tour to Bracciano Lake on board of a vintage FIAT 500 car
- Insurance covers third party liability, passengers (the self drive tour package does not include the driver's insurance coverage nor damages caused to the rented car by the driver)
- English French speaking guide 

- Airbag

- Safety belts in the rear seats
- Casko and driver's insurance at request (€15.00 extra to be paid at check-in), deductible of €350/00 on damages to the car

Tour schedule (available days, departure times): 
- All week, departure times 9.00 am
- Min 2 pax max 2 (with driver)

Meeting point drop/off:
Our garage centrally located in Via Ostilia 48,  at only 200 mt. from the Coliseum 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received before 72 hours from the day/hour of the tour will be refund net of bank charges. No refund for cancellations received less than 72 hours from the hour of the tour booked.

Important notice

The driver must be in possession and carry with her/him a valid European Union driving license or international driver's license. Drivers must be able to drive using a manual clutch, occasional driving experience with manual cars in not enough to handle our vintage cars; the Company reserves the right to refuse to let the car in case the driver is not sufficiently expert to drive a manual car and there will be no refund.


You can pay the whole tour fees straight away by Paypal or wire transfer. You can also use the ADVANCE CODE 50% which means that you pay the 50% at the booking and that you agree to pay the 50% balance at the tour departure. The ADVANCE CODE 50% is NOT a discount offer.


Our garage located at 200 m from the Coliseum, Via Cassia, Calcata, Trevignano, Via Cassia, Roma, customer’s hotel or Piazza della Repubblica


Self drive in convoy 1-2 cars
from 1 to 2 Participants 550,00€
from 3 to 4 Participants 720,00€
Self drive in convoy 3 cars
for 5 Participants 990,00€
Self drive in convoy 1-2 cars ADVANCE CODE 50%
from 1 to 4 Participants 360,00€
Self drive 3 cars ADVANCE CODE 50%
for 5 Participants 495,00€
Chauffeured tour in convoy 1-2 cars
from 1 to 2 Participants 550,00€
from 3 to 4 Participants 720,00€
Chauffeured tour in convoy ADVANCE CODE 50%
from 1 to 4 Participants 390,00€
Private tour option additional fees
from 1 to 5 Participants 50,00€