rome 500 experience
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Welcome on board the FIAT 500 time machines!

- WOW your kids (and feel like a kid yourself)! Enjoy one of the most authentic and sensational  activities for kids and families while in Rome. 


Enjoy a FIAT 500 vintage car tour in convoy, chauffeured or self-driven in a convoy for an exceptional experience with you and your friends in the starring roles.



This time the magic of the cute little cars will take you back of 2000 years and let you discover the original places made famous by the movie Ben Hur.


Discover a unique one-of-a–kind Roman experience. You and your friends will become the stars of this unforgettable tour as you tweet & FB your selfies


Zip around the centuries. Suddenly you will find yourself on top of the ruins of the Circus Maximus, the stadium where the ancient Romans watched the chariot races. Bigger than 2 football stadiums altogether, containing up to 250k people, the Circus Maximus operated for more than 1,000 years as the most iconic leisure centre of Rome, hundred years before the Coliseum was built!


Listen to the ghost echoes of the spectators cheering the Emperors and the chariot races champions.


The Ben Hur FIAT 500 tour will also cover other breathtaking ancient Roman spots: you will see the only surviving ancient Pyramid built in Europe. The ghost of the General Caius Cestius who was buried inside the Pyramid will greet you on arriving on board of your colourful FIAT 500!

See the ruins of the Baths of Caracalla, one of the biggest SPA of the world which could host more than 1500 naked  romans altogether.

Touch  with your hands the original stones of the Appian Way also known to be the first motorway of the world and see the traces of the ancient Romans’ chariot tracks.

Experience the legend of Jesus coming to Rome after his resurrection and see his footprints engraved on a marble stone.


If you wish, at the end of the tour, you can experience a 2 hours Gladiators’ school (self-pay) and re-live the tough training of Spartacus and Maximus. Not for sweethearts!


Otherwise, we will be happy to show you the best pizza restaurants or ice-cream parlours with a sight on the Coliseum.


Let this unique historical tour be the highlight of your holiday. Where else can you combine the magical historic sights of Rome while cruising around the ancient city in an antique Fiat 500! What a photo taking bonanza!


Probably the perfect tour for kids of all ages!


Can you imagine anything more exciting than this tour?


Lonely Planet has classed our FIAT 500 tours as Top 10 Classic Car Rides in the world!   Not just tourists but EXP travellers,,,


Book Now! Tours fill up fast! There is no where else like it in Rome ;) Priceless,,,


-  3 hours self drive or chauffeured tour  in convoy aboard a vintage Fiat 500 along an itinerary covering the historical spots made famous by the movie Ben Hur and more!

- Stop take pictures of the Circus Maximus, Baths of Caracalla, Ancient Appian Way, Church of Quo Vadis, Pyramid.


- Feel the magic of the fabulous 60s, be the star and enjoy your "Roman Holiday". 

- End up at the Coliseum or at one of our selected top restaurants or wine bars for an amazing pizza and ice-cream experience or a wine-tasting.     

No more long and tiring walks through Rome with the kids screaming and complaining after you. A Roman Holiday can also be an amusing and jolly experience, not necessarily a hell with the kids shrieking and yelling because of  TTTT (Tiresome Touristic Tedious Tours).

You can enjoy the activity in a self drive in convoy tour or you can relax taking hundred of pics of your kids, while our chauffeur will take care of the itinerary and the traffic


Coliseum  – the stadium where gladiators were fighting in honour of the Roman Emperors and for the entertainment of the blood thirsting populace

Baths of Caracalla  - admire the ruins of one of the biggest Roman SPA and leisure centre of the world capable to host till 1800 people. Discover why the ancient Romans did not use the soap to clean themselves.

Circus Maximus – the biggest stadium ever in the world, big as twice as the biggest football stadiums. 250,000 people would have cheered the chariot races. It is still used  nowadays for hosting live concerts of rock stars such as Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, David Gilmour.

The Ancient Appian Way  - The first and oldest motorway in the world. Also known as the Queen of the roads, 360 miles long, was connecting the Imperial Rome to South Italy. Used not only as a conveyer belt trasporting on time goods to the Roman population or the Roman army to put down rebellions, it was also considered as a prototype of Internet, despatching quickly information up and down the Italian peninsula and the port of Brindisium and the Eastern regions of the Roman Empire.

Church of Quo Vadis - discover the origin of the footprints of Jesus revered in a tiny Church. According to the apocryphal "Acts of Peter", Saint Peter met Jesus while the former was fleeing persecution in Rome. According to the legend, Peter asked Jesus, "Lord, where are you going?" (in Latin language Domine Quo Vadis?) Jesus answered, "I am going to Rome to be crucified again" 

Aventine Hill - Garden of the Oranges - adore one of the best panoramic views of Rome from to the most romantic place in Rome and perhaps in the whole world 

The Pyramid – The 4th biggest ancient pyramid in the world is located  in Rome, did you know that? 


- Self drive a FIAT 500 vintage car in a safe and quiet itinerary by following your tour leader’s car. Alternatively enjoy the 3 hours tour as passenger  in a chauffeured car.

- Peep through the keyhole of the square of the Knights of Malta and see 3 countries in a line.

- Drink from a public fountain and  let your kids play with the water and discover the genial and funny way the locals drink

- Meet the ghost of a general of Julius Caesar greeting you from  the 4th  biggest ancient Pyramid in the world. 

- Touch the footprints of Jesus displayed in a church 

- Enjoy one of the most creamy cappuccinos in Rome in a coffee bar excavated in the belly of the hill that the ancient Romans created as a discharge area of the capital of the Roman Empire 


Feel like a movie star while onlookers will take hundreds of pics of you on board our colourful FIAT 500 vintage cars.

Smile and laugh till aching while our tour leader will also act as your personal paparazzi taking pics of you.

Your kids will tell you “Thanks for this FAB tour, I wish to come back here soon!”

You’ll be talking with your family and friends of this day for a long time, enjoying the everlasting memories of one of your best vacations ever.


Happiness exists, make it happen!

Lonely Planet has classed our tours as Top 10 Classic Car Rides in the world!  

Not just tourist but EXP travellers,,,

Dates and times:


- 3 hours self driving  o chauffeured tour in convoy aboard a Vintage Fiat 500 car in Rome 

- Insurance covers third party liability, passengers (the self drive tour package does not include the driver's insurance coverage nor damages caused to the rented car by the driver)

- English/French/Spanish/German speaking guide 


- Airbag

- Safety belts in the rear seats

- Casko and driver's insurance at request (€15.00 extra to be paid at check-in), deductible of €350/00 on damages to the car

Tour schedule (available days, departure times): 

- All week, departure times 9.00 am  - 4.00 pm   

- max 2 passengers in a chauffeured car or 4 passengers in a self drive car (kids till the age of 5 go FREE!)

Meeting point drop/off: 
Our garage centrally located in Via Ostilia 48,  at only 200 mt. from the Coliseum. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received before 72 hours from the day/hour of the tour will be refund net of bank charges. No refund for cancellations received less than 72 hours from the hour of the tour booked.

Important notice

The driver must be in possession and carry with her/him a valid European Union driving license or international driver's license. Drivers must be able to drive using a manual clutch, occasional driving experience with manual cars in not enough to handle our vintage cars; the Company reserves the right to refuse to let the car in case the driver is not sufficiently expert to drive a manual car and there will be no refund.


You can pay the whole tour fees straight away by Paypal or wire transfer. You can also use the ADVANCE CODE 50% which means that you pay the 50% at the booking and that you agree to pay the 50% balance at the tour departure. The ADVANCE CODE 50% is NOT a discount offer.


Our garage at 200 mt from the Coliseum, Arch of Costantine, Aventine Hill, keyhole of Piazza Cavalieri di Malta, Garden of Oranges, Circus Maximus, Pyramid, Appian Way, Church of Quo Vadis, Coliseum


self drive in convoy
for 1 Participants 190,00€
for 2 Participants 290,00€
for 3 Participants 310,00€
for 4 Participants 310,00€
for 4 Participants 310,00€
Self drive Advance/Acompte Code 50%
for 1 Participants 95,00€
for 2 Participants 145,00€
for 3 Participants 155,00€
for 4 Participants 155,00€
for 4 Participants 155,00€
Chauffeured in convoy tour
for 1 Participants 230,00€
for 2 Participants 340,00€
for 3 Participants 370,00€
for 1 Participants 115,00€
for 2 Participants 170,00€
for 3 Participants 185,00€
Private tour option additional fees
from 1 to 3 Participants 50,00€