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La stampa internazionale dice di noi: WOW!!!   

- Lonely Planet: Top 10 classic car rides Fiat 500, Italy There are few cars that make you go ‘aww’ – as you would at a cute animal. The classic Fiat 500 is one of them. The earliest model was nicknamed the ‘Topolino’ or ‘grey mouse’ and was the original small car; between 1957 and 1975 over three million Fiat 500 were produced. In those dolce vita years it was not uncommon to see whole families in them; now it’s more likely to be a cool designer type. Or you, as specialty Italian car-hire companies, like Rome500 in Rome, offer the chance to be elegantly chauffeured by Fiat 500 in Rome. !

- Telegraph Rome: A vintage Fiat 500 tour There a few more memorable ways to see Rome than in a hot pink Fiat 500 !

- HUFFINGTON POST :  What to Do with 18 Hours in Rome?! This tour is really special. I’ve never felt more quickly immersed in a place before, gaining a true appreciation of the city almost instantly. Having a guide like Alvise too, who’s so passionate and joyful about his home, it’s also a treat. It’s so true – happiness is infectious and the key to spread the love while traveling the world !

- SILVERKRIS – SINGAPORE AIRLINES It is not often you feel sorry for someone in a limousine, but I did when we pulled up at a popular Rome sightseeing spot. When another tourist, standing next to her private chauffeur, looked longingly at our hot pink vintage Fiat 500 (known affectionately as Sophia Loren), we all knew what she was thinking: “I wish I had booked that car instead of the limo ”

- ELLE – UK : There's nothing more Roman than driving a classic Fiat 500 round the old streets. Everyone wants a selfie with you and the car, everyone smiles as you drive past, and even those notorious Italian drivers give way. 

- EXPRESS - UK: Vintage cars, lesser-known spots and delicious food: Discover the other face of Rome Audrey Hepburn did it on the back of a Vespa with Gregory Peck in the film Roman Holiday in 1953 – now, 60 years later, I’m doing it in a tiny, classic Fiat Cinquecento: whizzing around the cobbled streets that curve around the Coliseum, oblivious to the admiring honks of the crazy Italian drivers who surround me.  

- MAIL-ON-LINE Forget Minis! Whizz around Rome in a vintage Fiat for a taste of real The Italian Job (and then relax in a rooftop Jacuzzi) ”

- MARIE CLAIRE:  Easy Escapes: Rome by classic car You really must… There’s so much to see, from the Colosseum to the cobbled streets of Trastevere, you need a way to get around that’s small, swift and stylish. Rome 500 Experience ( offers fun tours that use a fleet of tiny Fiat Cinquecentos from the 1960s. Painted in beautiful vintage colours and smelling of leather and engine oil, they’re small enough to zip round the back-alleys and cobbled streets, so you’re not lumbering around like the armies of tourists in their huge coaches. ” 

- FODOR’S:  7 Unique Tours of Rome Get behind the wheel of this happy little car—or be chauffeured, if you prefer. Choose your favorite classic '60s or '70s model, pop open the sunroof, and head out on a guided convoy-style tour featuring piped-in commentary from the tour leader as you circuit Rome, incorporating short stops at key sights. 

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TESTIMONIALS - What our customers say on TripAdvisor

A private tour with the British travel press through Roma 
This was a top day and the BEST way to see Rome in style, cruising around the heritage of the city in vintage Fiat 500 cars.  16/11/17

Great family fun in a fabulous city 
We adored our 3 hours with Stephania in our little red car. The 2 kids loved zooming through the city and saying "andiamo andiamo" to our knowledgeable, lovely and fun guide. 

Fantastic Fiat 500's  
During the drive there were so many people calling out and waving to us and every time we stopped people were instantly taking photo's of the cars.   10/11/17 

Really fun family activity  
This tour was awesome. I loved it, my wife and toddler also loved it. Our guide Jack was awesome. Worth every penny!   9/11/17 

Tour in vintage Fiat 500 with private guide!!!  
Our tour guide was just about the best tour guide I have had. He was very knowledgeable and flexible. He talked & told us so many interesting things! Very fun!!!  03/11/17 

It is a really unique experience and Jack proved to be a singularly entertaining and knowledgeable tour guide.   03/11/17 

Fantastic Rome Experience   

This was superb. This tour is fun from start to end. We survived driving in Rome!   30/10/17  

This was extraordinary   

The tour was absolute fun. If you really want to see Rome and have a constant smile on your face for 3 hours, do this tour. Forget about open bus or any other guided tour. This is a true experience and something unique.   29/10/17  

A morning full of energy & happiness, and a Fiat500 :-)    

The tour was absolute fun. If you really want to see Rome and have a constant smile on your face for 3 hours, do this tour. Forget about open bus or any other guided tour. This is a true experience and something unique.   28/10/17  

The best way to see Roma  
What a hidden gem! A morning exploring Roma with Jack surpassed all expectations. .  17/10/17

Best way to see Rome and be seen!  
Alvise was an enthusiastic and fun guide. Everywhere we went people smiled and waved. We have great photos and videos from our tour and would definitely recommend the Rome 500 Experience.  17/10/17

Had a great time!!  
We had amazing time with Alvise and his awesome collection of Vintage Fiats. Highly recommend experiencing this city with Rome 500 Experience!  09/10/17

Fun way to discover hidden gems of Rome  
Alvise is a fun and passionate tour and my children enjoyed every minute of their mini Fiat experience. It's definitely something to try when in Rome and Alvise is always very responsive to any requests and questions you may have.  02/10/17

An amazing experience! 
We have just spent the morning on a self-drive Fiat 500 tour and it was the best experience we have had in Rome! It was three hours of non-stop smiling!!  01/10/17

Eight Hidden Gems of Rome in a Fiat 500 
Ok, so it's the 7 Hidden Gems of Rome, but the tour guide and owner, Alvise, is the 8th hidden gem. A brilliant, friendly, knowledgable and passionate guy that led us around some amazing hidden places that you won't find in the usual tour guides. Highly recommended!  30/09/17

If you do one thing in Rome....  
Could not recommend highly enough! Julia was an amazing guide and the Fiats were so much fun to drive! An absolute must do experience. 5 stars.  24/09/17

Best tour ever!  
Hands down the best tour we did in Rome. We did 6 tours in 2 days to see as much as possible but this tour was really special and felt personal. I would book it again in a heart beat to see more of Rome in this fantastic way. Highly recommend.  16/09/17


Lonely Planet has classed our tours as Top 10 Classic Car Rides in the world!  


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